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What Can We Do to Help?

From concept to implementation, AGL Publications can make sure your plans come to fruition in the most cost and time effective way.

Whatever your needs we are here to help.

How much does it cost?

Probably less than you think!

The costs of converting print to digital can be ridiculously small, but it really depends on precisely how many bangs and whistles you want your online publication to have. Our costs are based on a daily charge out rate. We do not take a commission from suppliers

How long does it take?

Anything from a day to a year

Impossible to say without a fair bit of detail. We welcome the opportunity to quote for projects but will only work on them if the end result appeals to us. We are highly selective about the projects we actually take on and which sectors we work in. Try us – if we find it boring we’ll tell you

Enhanced income streams

The potential for new and enhanced income streams is gigantic with online magazines while providing enhanced opportunities and flexibility for advertisers and business partners

Fitting it all together

It all has to fit together as a sound business proposition, maximising the use of in-house resources, bringing on board new expertise or outsourcing solutions internationally

Sourcing editorial

Good editorial need not cost the earth. We are experts at sourcing all sorts of editorial, from free sources, syndicated copy through to custom written copy from leading journalists worldwide.

The bigger picture

What are your plans for the future? How will your online magazine fit in with long term corporate strategy? Is it just a flash in the pan or are you laying the foundations for future growth?

Who We Are

AGL Publications is the parent company of EuroTravel Magazine (ETM). The team which built ETM from the ground up to become one of the biggest and best European online travel magazines is at your disposal to produce your very own web or app-based magazine or brochure.

Why Us?

Why should you choose AGL Publications? One very simple and powerful reason. We are not just a digital publishing consultancy, we are also publishers. We know about returns on investments, and commercial viability. We know about feasibility and revenue streams. We wont work with you unless we think your project is viable.

We can do whatever you want from the simple conversion from a pdf file to a basic online flip-page publication through to the creation of a publication from scratch, including complete design, sourcing photographs and writing editorial, conversion and hosting, whether in the format of a flip-page publication incorporated within your website or externally or as an Apple, Google Play, Amazon or Windows App.

Basically anything is possible!

Our EuroTravel Magazine Journey

We started on the long hard road to creating the first edition of EuroTravel Magazine in early 2012 and issue number one appeared in November that year. Right from the beginning we wanted to produce an online only magazine that combined the design values of the best travel magazines in print with the huge advantages that digital publications offer readers and advertisers. The idea was to make the magazine full of interactive stuff from videos to external websites which pop up in the middle of the magazine and lots of other exciting things.

When the first edition went live, so much blood, sweat and mostly tears, not to mention countless sleepless nights and coffee-infused days, had been invested in it that the prospect of readers thinking it was rubbish would have resulted in extensive therapy. But, in fact, we were bowled over by how staggeringly positive the comments were and that’s why we’ve included some of them on this page. The word people kept coming up with is “beautiful”. Now I know everyone thinks their baby is beautiful even if they look like an infantile Winston Churchill, but to have it confirmed right across-the-board from readers to advertisers to contributors is so very gratifying. On top of this we were absolutely delighted recently to be nominated and shortlisted, together with TripAdvisor and just one other website, for a travel industry award based on content, layout and innovation.

EuroTravel isn’t part of a giant publishing empire. It’s a small business run by a dedicated team of enthusiastic, knowledgeable and altogether delicious, mostly human beings. We wanted to share our love of all that makes Europe so very special. If we have been able to share a bit of our knowledge to make people’s travels go from good to great then part of our objective will have been met

What People Say About EuroTravel Magazine

I’ve just consulted your last issue of Euro Travel Mag and was really impressed by the quality of the destinations chosen.Nausicaa National Sea Centre

In registering for Euro Travel Magazine I found it to be truly professional and informativeBL, reader

Congratulations to you for such an amazing magazine for European travel. I really love your workCecil Lee, Travel Feeder blog

You have a lovely magazineRJE, reader

I had a look at your magazine again and it is really impressive. Beautiful photographySW, reader

It looks like you are putting out really great contentAR, blogger

I had a look and I can see you are working with respected bloggers – and your magazine looks great.LM, blogger

the latest issue of EuroTravel Magazine looks lovelyBR, reader

Your magazine looks amazingBT, travel writer

Your magazine does look really gorgeous, well done!AK, travel blogger

Thank you David, Beautiful spread.RB, travel writer

What a lovely magazine! Thanks for drawing my attention itDP, reader

What a beautiful issue – thanks for letting us be part of it.Rich Steck, Provence Escapes

Oh my word, it looks amazing!MB, reader

I think these two magazines are absolutely excellent I will certainly be reading them from now on!MH, reader

Examples of Our Work


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